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All Hands In




Objective reviews of your literacy or coaching systems and strategic planning that shapes your system's story.


Professional development and training experiences tailored to your system’s story.



Long-term consultative engagements to improve coaching or literacy systems that impact student outcomes, writing your system's success story.

looking for a personalized option?

Every educational situation is different and may require a more customized approach. Let’s work together to design a package that best serves your needs so we can be sure and achieve our desired goals.

frequently asked questions

  • Who are your services for?
    Audits & Strategy Development: District and School leaders who want a clear and comprehensive review of their coaching or literacy system. Professional Development & Training: District and School leaders, instructional coaches, teacher leaders, and/or teachers. Literacy & Coaching Implementation: District and School leaders who know having a thought-partner will prioritize strategic coaching or literacy implementation.
  • Are these services provided virtually or in-person?
    Both. We are willing to work with you and your team to determine the best approach.
  • Will you travel?
    Yes. We can discuss travel arrangements for in-person support.
  • How long do we work together?
    This depends on the service provided. Professional development or trainings might be a one-workshop model (although this isn't recommended). Audits typically require approximately 2-3 months to complete the project and provide a comprehensive report. Long-term consultative engagements depend on the system, but we recommend working together for at least 1 school year. The best way to make things “stick” is to give it time for practice. We want to make sure that coaches and teachers have time to process what they are learning, put it into safe practice, then have time for feedback and refinement.
  • What do you reference in your strategic coaching support?
    Leaders will learn how to approach coaching across a continuum that allows for in-the-moment response.
  • How do you differentiate your professional development series?
    Educators can expect to be given opportunities for pathways based on their own knowledge, time for working in groups to discuss their learning and space for reflection on current classroom practices.
  • What if I need something different?
    Let’s talk. You deserve support that matches your goals, your audience, and your needs. We are happy to design a package that is specific to YOU.
  • What sets your approach apart from others?
    We talk about the hard stuff: our emotions, vulnerability and shame. Often, we are ignoring the emotions that come with change. By spending time discussing these difficult emotions, we work on creating space that welcomes them and allows educators to ACTUALLY implement the change they desire. Because our society expects teachers to be near-perfect and often educators expect that of themselves, they too easily fail to implement change because it doesn’t feel safe. Instead, we work on welcoming the mess so that there is action.

Client Success is Our Success

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